Jeune iranienne spécialiste dans la restoration d'objets archéologiques

Qui peut aider cette jeune femme dans sa recherche de travail? Toute proposition bienvenue. Merci d'avance. Contact: Frédéric Schnyder ferdelance@pwnet.ch. Voici son CV:

Name: F.M.

Date of Birth: 23. 09. 1982                                

Place of Birth: Tehran, Iran

Sex: Female

Nationality: Iranian

Citizenship: Iran                                                                                                                    


Address: Second Floor No 1, Ferdosi St, Taghavi St, Arbab jamshid St, lighvan ally, Tehran - Iran.

Postal Code: 1145664613

Phone: +98-021-66725831

Cell Phone: +98-0935 - 6394184

Email: mahtab_mohamadi_9@yahoo.com




·      2004-2008, B.Sc. in curation ,

·      2001-2003, Associate Degree in conservation and restoration of historical artifacts, cultural and heritage higher education center.

·      1997-2000, High School Diploma, Mathematics and Physics, mesbaholhoda.


Working Experiences


  1. Responsible for  repairing archeological artifacts in Sorkh Dom Laki site (Iron Age) excavations headed by Dr. Shishegar, summer, year 2004
  2. Responsible for  repairing archeological artifacts in Chob Tarash site (Iron Age) excavations headed by Dr. shishegar, spring, year 2005
  3. Responsible for  repairing archeological artifacts in Ram hormoz site (new era of Elam) excavations headed by Dr. shishegar, spring, year 2007
  4. Responsible for  repairing some of the vessels from Rabe Rashidi excavations headed by Mrs. Ruhangiz, year 2005
  5.  Tour guide of the saheb gharanie  museum for three months year 2006.
  6. Expert in the Anthropology museum of  Khomein for three months year 2006  
  7. cooperation in the research projects for repairing of salar mohtasham castle, spring, year 2006   
  8. Member of a group for studying and organization of Yazd province museums  properties headed by Mr. zare, spring, year 2007.
  9. Learning the identification of butterflies and beetles in the ranking insects department of insect museum of hice mirzayanas  under supervision of Dr. ali panahi, srei , mozafariyan, winter  year 2007.
  10. Expert in the project of  fighting against biological agents in Lorestan province cultural heritage buildings (eliminating Butler) headed by Dr. ghayorfar, year 2007
  11. Expert in the project of fighting against biological agents (eliminating Butler) in the lotfalikhan historical building for the Malayer cultural heritage organization headed by Dr. Ghayorfar, winter, year 2007.
  12. Project secretary for evaluating Imam Khomeini’s Aids Committee cultural historical objects Headed by Mr. tohidi, fall and winter2008
  13. Studying pest insects in natural history museums with a special look at the three zoology museums of Karaj, darabad and hice mirzayanas for  B.Sc. thesis year 2008.


        1- Familiarity with trapping method for biological agents (Butler) in ancients monuments
        2- Familiarity with freeze method for eliminating pest insect’s in museums


Fields of Interest

 1- curation

 2- repairing archeological artifacts



      1-   Persian - First Language

      2- English - Good command



Hobbies , Arts and Sports

            Pottery,  Music,  Sport

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